With ThreatLocker, when receiving the administrator credentials, your organization is already created. If you have subdivisions within your organization, or your a reseller or managed service provider you can provision organizations yourself.

Under the Organizations page, you can find a list of organizations. For each organization, the total number of computers is displayed, along with the options to:

  1. Create a new organization;

  2. Manage an existing organization;

  3. Search for organizations; or

  4. Edit existing organizations.

Managing organizations

When managing organizations, you can:

  • View and manage all computer groups and computers;

  • Manage Application Control and Storage Control;

  • Generate organization reports; and

  • Manage Approval Center - search, approve or reject requests.

How to create a new organization

To create a new organization:

  1. Select the New Organization button;

  2. In the opened pop-up, insert Organization Name;

  3. Select the organization timezone from the Time Zone dropdown;

  4. Select the Application Control options from the dropdown;

  5. Select the Storage Control options from the dropdown; and

  6. Select Save to finish creating the new organization.

How to search for organizations

To search for organizations:

  1. Enter the organization name or part of the organization name;

  2. Select Search or hit Enter key from the keyboard; and

  3. A list of all organizations matching the search terms is displayed.

How to edit organizations

To edit organizations:

  1. Select the organization from the list;

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit the organization;

  3. Make any changes to

    • Organization name;

    • Time Zone;

    • Application Control;

    • Storage Control; or

    • Enable/disable dual factor authentication with DUO.

  4. Select Save.