Monitor and Control what is being Copied to USB Devices

Data leakage from businesses and hospitals are on the rise, and the second biggest way that data is leaked out of an organization is using external storage devices such as USB drives.

The need to implement controls on external storage devices is now more important than ever, but taking a block all approach to USB devices is not the answer.

ThreatLocker Storage Control puts in in control of how storage devices are used in your organization.

ThreatLocker gives you a full audit of all files that are copied or read from USB drives or other external storage devices in your business. Administrators can search the audit for specific files, users or applications from a simple cloud portal. This data can be exported, sent to a Syslog or SIEM such as Splunk

Having the knowledge of what USB devices are being used in your organization is the first step in building policies to protect yourself. ThreatLocker Storage Control allows you to create powerful yet simple policies to control what storage devices can be used in your organization.

Unlike traditional storage policies, ThreatLocker is not a simple block all USB ports. With ThreatLocker Storage Control you can create simple permit or deny policies with parameters of what can and cannot be allowed. For example, you could create a policy to only permit certain USB devices based on their serial number, you could require BitLocker encryption, or even only permit specific applications or users to access the storage device.

See how ThreatLocker Storage Control can help your business take control of storage devices.