Meet ThreatLocker®

The power to truly control your organization’s endpoints and servers

Dedicated to Innovative IT Security

The team at ThreatLocker® has been developing cybersecurity tools for decades, including programs to enhance email and content security, and this is our most innovative and ambitious cybersecurity solution yet. We developed this unique cybersecurity system because we believe that organizations should have complete control of their networks and should not have to live in fear of the next malware attack.

ThreatLocker®’s powerful suite of security tools are designed so that everyone from businesses to government agencies to academic institutions can directly control exactly what applications run on their networks. We envision a future in which all organizations can chart their own course free from the influence of cybercriminals and the damage their incursions cause, and our team of veteran cybersecurity professionals created ThreatLocker® to make this vision a reality.


Meet the ThreatLocker® Team

Danny Jenkins


Danny is a technical guru with a deep understanding of corporate IT and cybersecurity. He has an entrepreneurial background and two decades of experience building and securing corporate networks. Before taking the reins at ThreatLocker®, Danny held CEO and CTO positions at multiple IT companies and founded a few cybersecurity businesses of his own.

Sami Jenkins

Chief of Staff

Sami has a strong background in Managed IT Services, human resources, and financial planning. Her 15+ years of experience working with cybersecurity startups are invaluable to ThreatLocker®’s operations, as is her expertise with building networks and teams around cybersecurity.

John Carolan

Chief of Network Operations

John benefits ThreatLocker® with his many years of experience building global networks that host multi-tenant environments. His many and varied areas of expertise include hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted email security, cloud-based endpoint security, and large-scale database deployments.

Mike Lyons

Head of Enterprise Sales

With over 20 years' experience building effective technology sales, SE, partner, and marketing teams worldwide, Mike acts as ThreatLocker®’s global advocate. He has an entrepreneurial background but has been focusing exclusively on cybersecurity solutions since 2006. Mike has helped lead several companies through acquisition and IPO, and now brings his expertise to ThreatLocker®.

George Siragusa

Sr. Business Advisor

As Senior Business Advisor and Growth Strategist, George brings much-needed streetwise leadership, sales, marketing, and execution guidance to ThreatLocker®’s highly technical operations. George is an experienced former Fortune 500 company executive, retired senior US Navy officer turned adjunct professor, and small business consultant, so his insights are indispensable to the ThreatLocker® team.

Joseph Davila

Head of Internal Business Development

As a US Army veteran with a degree in electrical engineering, Joseph strengthens ThreatLocker® with his structured and technical approach to customer development in cybersecurity.