How to Adhere to the I.T. Modernization Act Application Whitelisting Requirements

The I.T. Modernization Act that was signed into law this year outlines standards and requirements that will improve the cybersecurity of federal government agencies and businesses. 

Part of the Act outlines logical protections that businesses should implement in order to modernize their I.T. Security Requirements. One of the more complex logical protections is the requirement to implement some kind of Application Whitelisting Solution. 

"Application Whitelisting. The purpose of application whitelisting is to allow only approved applications and application components (libraries, configuration files, etc.) to run on a host according to a well-defined baseline, while preventing all other applications from running by default. When implemented, application whitelisting is an effective security technique that helps stop the execution of malicious malware and other unauthorized software."

Traditionally Application Whitelisting is cumbersome and difficult to implement.  Most businesses spend months to years, and thousands of hours of I.T. resources to successfully implement whitelisting. Once the implementation of whitelisting is complete, the overhead of managing whitelisting often adds dedicated teams of I.T. Staff and costs the business thousands of dollars. 

ThreatLocker Application Control makes the implementation of whitelisting fast and effective. Most businesses are up and running in a few hours, even extremely complex environments are able to complete deployment within a few weeks. 

ThreatLocker Application Control is able to create automatic whitelists that profile what applications are running on your system, and automatically create policies for those applications. 

Our cloud-based deployments only take a few minutes to install, and your PCs will immediately start logging applications that are running into our cloud audit. Getting started with ThreatLocker Application Control is really easy. To find out more information, schedule a free no obligation web demonstration on how ThreatLocker Application Control can help satisfy your whitelisting requirements, and fulfill requirements in the I.T. modernization act.