Installing software using Install Mode

ThreatLocker blocks any unauthorized software from running on your computer. When installing your software there a few options for permitting the application. This document discusses the use of Install Mode. 

When running in Install Mode all software is permitted, and all new files and libraries that are created or updated are recorded.

To install a new application in ThreatLocker:-

  1. Right-click on the ThreatLocker icon in the System Tray. 
  2. Click Install Mode. 
  3. Enter your ThreatLocker Admin Username and Password. 
  4. Select Start 
  5. Your computer will now be in Install Mode, you can run or install any software. 

Once you have finished installing your software, click on the Stop button.

You can either update an existing application definition or create a new application definition. Before continuing, you should configure the options for creating an application definition. 

In most cases, the best option is to specify "File Name Only" and "Cert Preferred or Hash". This allows for future updates of signed file without the need to update the application definition. This also allows for installing on other computers or to a different path without running Install Mode on each computer. 

  1. Check filename only. 
  2. Check Cert Preferred or Hash. 

To update an existing application:

  1. Select the application from the dropdown list.
  2. Click the Create Application Button. 
  3. If the application you are updating is already permitted. You should need to take no further steps at this point. 

To create a new application:

  1. Enter a new application name in the dropdown list. 
  2. Click the Create Application button. 

After the application is created, you can log in to the ThreatLocker portal and create a policy to permit access to the application. 


  2. After you login, select Policies. 
  3. Click the New Policy button. 
  4. Enter a name of the policy.
  5. Select the Group you wish to grant access to. 
  6. Select Permit. 
  7. Select the application from the dropdown list on the right and click the add button.