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Medical devices

HIPAA Compliance - Storage and Data Control

HIPAA Compliance - Application Control and Malware Protection

Finance and Banking

Auditing Data Access

Securing ATM Machines

Securing Computers and Servers

PCI Compliance


Protecting Education Infrastructure

Protecting and Monitoring Student Laptops

Stopping Malware

Call Centers

Controlling Software Installation

Controlling Malware


I.T. Modernization Act

NIST 800-171/800-53

Managed I.T. Service Providers

Manage Client Security


Solutions for your Problem

Malware Threats

Macro Viruses and Malware

Zero day malware threats

Fileless malware


Protecting Servers


Data Theft

Monitor and control what is being copied to USB drives

See who is accessing files on your network

Restrict access by application


Data Monitoring

Track file access

Track file changes and deletes


Shadow I.T.

Stop users running authorized software


Remote Desktop and Citrix Services

Stop unauthorized software on Remote Desktop Servers

Protect from malware

Limit access to applications for users

Monitor which applications are being opened