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ThreatLocker gives you the power to keep a full, real-time log of all applications, libraries and scripts that are opened anywhere on your network. Details include computer, username, date and time and application details.

Application doesn’t belong? Block it or instantly approve. New storage device (e.g., flash drive) connected somewhere? Deny it or limit use. Sensitive file server data? Control access and activity.

ThreatLocker is the one tool you need to discover exactly what’s running anywhere on your network, obliterate suspicious or threatening applications, as well as block devices and unauthorized access.

ThreatLocker is advanced application whitelisting and secure application control unlike anything you’ve seen before. Install on all machines on your network within minutes, whether you have 10 machines or 10,000. Register for a FREE trial today to see how ThreatLocker changes the paradigm of network security.

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