Computer Groups

Before installing ThreatLocker to the organizations’ computers, you’ll have to define Computer Groups. A Computer Group is used to have multiple computers sharing a group storage policy and/or a group application policy.

On the Computer Groups page, an administrator can:

  • Search for computer groups;

  • Manage computer groups (create, edit, delete); and

  • Download ThreatLocker agent for each group.

How to search for a Computer Group

To search for computer groups:

  1. Enter the computer group name or part of the computer group name;

  2. Select Search or hit Enter key from the keyboard; and

  3. A list of all computer groups matching the search terms is displayed.

How to Create Computer GrouPS

To create Computer Groups:

  1. Select New Computer Group;

  2. Enter the Computer Group Name;

  3. Select automatic create policies when a new baseline is uploaded option:

    1. Do not automatically create policies;

    2. Create computer policies only; or

    3. Create group policies.

  4. Select if you want to show blocked libraries in Tray;

  5. Enter the Refresh Policies interval in seconds.

How to edit a Computer Group

To edit Computer Groups:

  1. Select the Computer Group from the list;

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit;

  3. Make your changes; and

  4. Select Save

How to delete a computer group

To delete a computer group:

  1. Select the Computer Group from the list;

  2. Select the trash icon to delete a Computer Group; or

  3. Select the Delete button;

  4. Confirm deletion; and

  5. The selected Computer Group is deleted.

Downloading the ThreatLocker client

To download the ThreatLocker client:

  1. Select the Computer Group from the list;

  2. Select the download icon;

  3. When the download pop-up is opened;

  4. Select the installer you want to download (x64 or x86); and

  5. The selected installer is downloaded.