Zero Trust World: Day Two Recap



Today we welcomed our sponsors and delegates to day two of our annual Zero Trust World event. Our agenda was jam packed! We had everything from live demos, to fireside chats, pineapple hacks and rubber ducky coding! At Zero Trust World, our main aim is to inspire and motivate every single delegate to invest effectively in enhancing their cybersecurity stack. After today’s sessions, I think it’s safe to say that each delegate will go home with an enhanced knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape, and what they need to do to better protect their clients. As well as hearing from our team, and our sponsors, the delegates have been able to network with one another, troubleshoot problems together, workshop as a team, and continue to build the cybersecurity community. 

First up, Danny Jenkins, CEO & Co-Founder, and Michael Jenkins, CTO, ThreatLocker, took to the stage to role play a live demo between a hacker and an MSP. Whilst Michael (The MSP) was busy sending out links via teams to his employees, Danny (The hacker) was busy infiltrating the link, redirecting it to another site. Although this very comedic performance made the room laugh, for some this is all too close to home. Ben Jenkins, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Rob Allen, VP EMEA, ThreatLocker joined Danny and Michael on the stage. Unbeknownst to the crowd, a drone suddenly appeared  with a WiFi Pineapple attached. What we then witnessed was a live hack. demonstrating how easy it is to use the pineapple in order to infiltrate users' machines. Although one delegate had pineapple for breakfast, no other delegate had seen anything like it before. 

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Tim Rohrbaugh, CISO, JetBlue Airways later took to the stage to dive into exactly what it takes to run a successful large enterprise cyber organization. As well as sharing tips and best practices, he was able to offer advice from his own personal experiences. Neal Juern, President, Juren Technology then sat down with Danny Jenkins for a fireside chat to discuss everything it means to be an IT Solutions Provider in this day and age. He was able to share how he helps to better protect his clients, and his own best practices for business success.

After lunch, we broke out into our breakout sessions which covered everything from open labs, to MSP Marketing Success, and more hands-on workshops. Our team of dedicated Cyber Heroes demonstrated how to set up, build, and code rubber duckys. These cables are often used by hackers to maliciously encrypt your data and infiltrate your machines. Getting to use them was a key highlight for so many delegates, however, getting infiltrated by one, is a whole different ball game. At least the delegates can now walk away with the knowledge they need to look out for these attacks, and help to better protect their businesses and those they look after. 

We had a number of panel sessions covering cybersecurity growth strategies, as well as fireside chats that enabled our selected MSPs to really dive into what it means to be a ThreatLocker partner, and how they use our solution to enhance their cybersecurity stack and protect their users. 

We wrapped up the day with our Main Event After Party, and thoroughly enjoyed an evening of networking with our delegates and sponsors. 

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