Cyber Hero Weekly 6/04/2021 - 6/10/2021

Cyber Hero Weekly

The ThreatLocker team provides the latest stories to keep you and your customers updated on ransomware and other malicious cybersecurity threats. Here's what's new this week:

NCSC warning: Ransomware is targeting schools and universities

There has been a spike in attacks on schools and universities, warns NCSC. This is a critical time of year for students completing final exams and coursework. "It is also important that senior leaders understand the nature of the threat and the potential for ransomware to cause considerable damage to their institutions in terms of lost data and access to critical services," said the NCSC alert.

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Fujifilm confirms ransomware attack

On June 2, Fujifilm announced they were hit with a cyberattack and later confirmed it was caused by ransomware. The company was forced to shut down portions of its network around the world. According to Bleeping Computer, the network outage prevented access to email, the billing system, and a reporting system. Fujifilm told employees to shut off their computers and all servers immediately.

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The state of cybersecurity

On this episode of the Zero Trust World podcast, vendor panelists break down the current state of cybersecurity, the latest news, and best practices for MSPs. 

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What MSPs need to know about CMMC

Join us for a live discussion on June 15th with Danny Jenkins and Compliance Expert, Karen Walsh as we discuss solutions you can implement to meet CMMC requirements. At the end of this presentation, you'll understand how to enhance your customers’ defense-in-depth strategies as they seek CMMC certification. 

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