Cyber Hero Weekly 5/28/2021 - 6/04/2021

Cyber Hero Weekly

The ThreatLocker team provides the latest stories to keep you and your customers updated on ransomware and other malicious cybersecurity threats. Here's what's new this week:

JBS ransomware attack

A major ransomware attack on JBS, the second-largest meat and poultry processor in the US took place last weekend and put operations to a halt throughout the world. According to the FBI, REvil, a notorious ransomware gang, was behind the attack. This occurred just three weeks after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline disrupted gasoline and fuel supply along the US East Coast. First oil... now meat. What's next? Hear what ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins has to say to Bloomberg Law about the JBS attack.

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White House urging banks to increase cybersecurity protections amid recent ransomware attacks

Oil and food companies have been severely impacted over the last few weeks. The next likely target? Banks. The White House has issued a warning to businesses and financial institutions to step up their security to effectively protect against ransomware attacks before it's too late. Danny Jenkins tells FOX 5 that banks are a major target.

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The takeaway

We urge companies of all sizes to take the threat of ransomware seriously. In light of the recent attacks, Danny Jenkins tells CNN, "These are higher-profile targets, which makes them more noteworthy, but we do see small businesses, medium businesses, hospitals, small banks hit every single day."

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Building and packaging a security stack that sells itself

Are your clients and prospects uninterested, unwilling, or “unable” to invest in security? Imagine being able to cut through the noise and increase your recurring revenue while putting protections in place that your clients actually need. In this episode, Danny Jenkins and Bruce McCully reveal five simple steps most MSPs overlook when it comes to building a cybersecurity stack that sells itself. P.S - the Zero Trust World podcast is now available on Apple! Remember to subscribe. 

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What MSPs need to know about CMMC

Join us for a live discussion on June 15th with Danny Jenkins and Compliance Expert, Karen Walsh as we discuss solutions you can implement to meet CMMC requirements. At the end of this presentation, you'll understand how to enhance your customers’ defense-in-depth strategies as they seek CMMC certification. 

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