Cyber Hero Weekly 4/29/2021- 5/5/2021

cyber hero weekly

The ThreatLocker team provides the latest stories to keep you and your customers updated on ransomware and other malicious cybersecurity threats. Here's what's new this week:

REvil Ransomware Behind UnitingCare Queensland Attack

Last month, UnitingCare Queensland announced it was hit with a cyber incident that left some of its systems inaccessible. REvil has claimed responsibility for the attack. Ransomware attacks targeting healthcare facilities are not slowing down, as the sensitive personal and medical information they hold makes them a lucrative target for ransomware gangs like REvil. 

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Massive DDoS Attack Impacts 200+ Organizations

This week, a massive DDoS attack took down the websites of 200+ organizations in Belgium. The cyberattack targeted Belnet, the government-funded ISP provider for the county's educational institutions, research centers, scientific institutes, and government services – including government ministries and the Belgian parliament.

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IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp is next week!

Will you be joining us in Orlando? We hope to see you there! Don't miss our breakout session. ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins will present a Live Hack Demonstration that reveals how easily hackers can bypass your security without the proper zero trust controls in place. All attendees will be given exclusive access to ThreatLocker rubber ducky scripts and source code.

Where is ThreatLocker Headed Next?

Check out these virtual and live events ThreatLocker will be attending!

  • May 11-14: IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp 2021 Orlando, FL: Register Now
  • May 13: Connect IT Engage: The Difference Between Security and Compliance Register Now
  • May 17-28: Channel Strong Tour Find Your City!
  • May 19-20: ASCII SMB IT Success Summit 2021 Houston, TX - Use code 
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  • May 19-20: CharTec MSP Training Academy Register Now
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