ThreatLocker CEO and Head of Business Development Attended the 2nd Annual Cyber Investing Summit at New York Stock Exchange

ThreatLocker attended the 2nd Annual Cyber Investing Summit at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. During our visit, we found that the investment outlook on Cyber Security is growing, with a great belief that the market is a huge market and a stable investment.

The belief is that new legislation will help tackle cyber threats in the government and that critical infrastructure. However, we believe the NIST standard that the government is basing legislation on is the lowest common dominator and we would like to see a proactive plan for cyber security and not continuously being reactive.

There are several new products coming to market, many of which will make good ground in stepping up the level of security. However, the majority of the focus appears to be at server, transport and authentication level.

There was some content that helps address the human element of cyber security, by training users and creating better awareness. There were no new products that did anything tangible to take control and stop these threats.

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